re. Deciding on Border for this #2 Mystery Quilt - "Over/Under"

OK, I think I already decided NOT to put this border on, but see what you think.

The outer binding would be in the blues in the quilt.

Warning - this is a VERY easy quilt on purpose (doing it for beginners who visit my Q site). I decided to do a strip pieced 9-patch but break the 9-patch into section that have some Over-Under movement, thus the name of the quilt.

Here is 2/3 of the whole quilt. The actual size is about 84" x 84"

9Pfull.jpg (37255 bytes)

I've put a 1.5 in. print border around the edge and am considering the pieced border you can see at the far right side edge.

Here's a closer view.

9Pclose.jpg (28396 bytes)

9P-plainedge.jpg (12908 bytes)

So do I END it here with the thin print border and add a thin blue binding?

OR - do I add this pieced border, which, with has wedge shapes which I had planned to echo in the quilting using diagonally V-quilting lines. Here's two close ups of the pieced border along side the right edge of the quilt (not sewn).

9P-edgeno.jpg (21393 bytes)   9P-edgeno2.jpg (14755 bytes)

Here's a last detail of the fabrics up closer:

9P-det.jpg (40040 bytes)










Thanks for an opinion!




January 16, 2001