The Fairfield Fashion Show 2000
"Straight from the Heart"

November 2000 - Houston, Texas

Donna Wilder (center of photo) accepts 
a floral "thank you" for her 22 yrs of organizing 
the Fairfield Fashion Show.

Exciting wearable art has always been a part of quilting shows. The first Fairfield Fashion show was in 1979 and it became one the most prestigious show for quilting and wearable art designers. Donna announced that this is the last year for the Fairfield Fashion Show. A few days later the good news is that the Fashion Show will continue under the sponsorship of Bernina.

Donna Wilder, now President of FreeSpirit Fabrics, was the commentator for the show.

Below is a list of the 40 designers and with the garment name a link to several photos. 

1 Karen Ribby -- And the Night Belongs to Paradise
2  Donna Thorne - Metamorphosis
3  Anna Mazur - Rose Remembrance to Pai and Sogra
4  Rosemary Berwald - Memoria de Las Madres
5  Diana Foster - Cranes "Tsuru"
6  Ann Marta Bowker - Iris Terra Incognita
7  Susan Stevens - Fish in a Garden
8  Susan Deal - Beyond the Sky: High Fashion for the 21st Century Astronaut
9  JoAnn Musso - Lavender Elegance
10  Nancy Monroe - Winter Sorbet
11 Marjorie Murphy-Shaughnessy - Rhapsody in Blue
12 Rami Kim - Pocahontas 2001
13a Sharee Dawn Roberts - Dream Spirits of the Southwest
13 Jan Hayman - Running with the Ancient Ones
14 Alexandra Capadalis Dupre - The Fire from Within
15 Priscilla Kibbee - Lhasa in My Dreams
16 Paula Seifred O'Brien - Always Walk on the Wild Side
17  Sharen Sawa - Dancing Dragons
18 Lorelle LaBarge - Caribbean Collaboration
19 Sandra Wright - King's Ransom
20 Larkin Jean Van Horn - Don't Be Late for the Ball, Boys!
21 Yanbo Huang - Deep Blue Sea
22 Ruth Buffington - Memories of Morocco-Finery from Fez
23 Michelle Newman - South Beach
24 Caryne Finlay Mount - Dragonfly Village
25 Jayne Butler - My Grandmother's Garden
26 Stephanie Kimura - Heart of a Golden Dragon
27 Kari Swan - Twirling Tails of My Greatest Adventure
28 Cheryl Trostrud-White - Flowers for Amie Elizabeth
29 Kate Allison - Land of Little Rain
30 Cindy Friedman - Ready-To-Play
31 Roni McLeod - He Loves Me
32 Nancy Bryant - Origami Hearts Fly Over the Rainbow
33 Mariko Seto - My Midsummer Night's Dream
34 Judy Simmons - Moonlight Sonata
35 Irma Gail Hatcher - My Daughter Eloped
36 Diane Ricks - Tickle Me Pink
37 Valerie Lynne - Bitten by the Bead Bug
38 Esther Morford - Crazy Logs & Glitzy Goslings
39 Virginia Avery - I'm Steppin' Out with My Baby
 and : Models on runway at end of show


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All photos taken by Susan Druding with a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera.
For photo copyright information see this page.


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