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Tee Shirt Quilt Layouts 

mini tee shirtIdeas of ways to arrange your T-shirt blocks
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Here are some free Tee Shirt Quilt Layouts for different size quilt tops.

With additions of wider borders or wider sashing you can shift the sizes easily and adjust for using different sizes of tee shirts. Most quilters doing t-shirt quilts seem to like a block size of 14 - 15 inches. Smaller logos or images can be grouped into a 4-patch to make one larger block so you can use up the smaller images on a quilt.

These quilt layouts have images meant to indicate where the tee shirt image blocks are.  All images here were prepared with Electric Quilt 4.0.

Make a Pillow size

This  pillow layout shows tee shirt panels surrounded by extra borders added before pillow border is added to make the pieces larger.  This same idea can be used to adjust sizes of tee shirt pieces in large quilt where they are various sizes, too.

Make a lap size
Note that the first 2 below show the tee shirt front with added corners of cotton fabric to make a Square-in-a-Square block and have smaller large areas of tee shirt fabric. This would be suitable for smaller shirt images where you want to show less blank fabric.

Make a single or double  bed size

Make a Queen or King size

Susan Druding

2000 copyright Susan C. Druding

This is a 5 section article:

1. Introduction - about the idea and process of making tee shirt quilts.

2. How to make the Tee Shirt Quilt - techniques, materials and links 

3. Blocks to use in your tee shirt quilt  

4. Sample Layouts for the quilt tops - this page you are reading now.

5. Gallery of links to images of tee shirt quilts on the Web



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