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Tee Shirt Quilt Gallery 
Links to Web sites showing photos
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I searched for as many sites as I could find with photos to show of tee shirt quilts on the Web. Many of these are on web sites where a quilter is selling the service of custom making these quilts.  (Please note that I am not recommending anyone in particular if you do not want to make your own quilt.) If you know of other sites which should be added to the list of links, please let me know and I'll check them out for additions. 

You will see a range of quilt types - with sashing and without, with very tightly organized blocks or with more loosely laid out tops. I hope if you make a quilt, or have one you want to share, that you'll send me a photo to put on these pages or point me to your web page. 

Plus, we often talk about Tee Shirt Quilts in the Quilting Forum for this site - the Tee Shirt discussion thread is here (click "Guest" to come and read, or join us - it's free) : 

Bikers' Tee Shirt Quilts - Easy Rider quilts for bikers.

A group in Texas does a quilt - photos show quilt in frame

More runners here - and samples with and without sashing, plus a pillow example.

Making T-shirt quilts for friends and family - Rose shares several photos of her tee shirt quilts, be sure to notice the Harley D. quilt.

Tee-Quilts - click on pillow and layouts & sizes to see more.

Click on Example Quilts - these people sell patterns,  if you really must have a pattern! These all use sashing.

Quilt Memories - sizes and tee shirt counts for with and without sashing

Sondra's T shirt quilt - varies block sizes and placement


This is a 5 part article:

1. Introduction - about the idea and process of making tee shirt quilts.

2. How to make the Tee Shirt Quilt - techniques, materials and links 

3. Blocks to use in your tee shirt quilt . 

4. Sample Layouts for the quilt tops

5. Gallery of links to images quilts - this page you are reading now.


Susan Druding

2000 copyright Susan C. Druding

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