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Ideas for making T-shirt blocks
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Mini tee with sewing thread on itYou can, of course, use just plain blocks made entirely from the image area cut from the tee shirts.  Quilters seem to use a 14" - 15" block most often. But you may want to adjust sizes of a smaller image area so that not so much plain tee shirt fabric shows (by using something like the Diamond in a Square block). Or, you may want more variety in layout. 

Here are a few block ideas - then see them used in sample T-shirt quilt layouts on the next page. Use your imagination to make blocks anyway you want, there are no "rules" in making tee shirt quilts!

Some other ideas are to shape your block by adding fake "sleeve" sections so that they look as if they were mini-tee shirts. 

These quilt blocks have images meant to indicate where the tee shirt blocks are.  All blocks here were prepared with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Make a Diamond in a Square Block

diamond in a square block

Here's what this block might look like:

sample block for tee shirt quilt

Make a Log Cabin type border addition

Use a log cabin type of method to add borders to the tee shirt center. This allows adjusting the size of any tee shirt image area to match other blocks and is handy if you have a big variation of tee shirt sizes. Add more border than you are sure you need and then use your template to cut out the block to desired size.

sample block for tee shirt quilt

Make a Four Patch effect

 If you have small logos from sleeves or pocket areas, or perhaps patches such as sports patches that are much smaller than the tee shirt sections you can make them into larger four patch blocks.

four patch effect with small tee shirt logos

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This is a 5 part article:

1. Introduction - about the idea and process of making tee shirt quilts.

2. How to make the Tee Shirt Quilt - techniques, materials and links 

3. Blocks to use in your tee shirt quilt - the page you are reading now.

4. Sample Layouts for the quilt tops

5. Gallery of links to images of tee shirt quilts on the Web


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