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tee shirt - q is for quiltMany quilters are interested in making tee shirt quilts for family or friends. Everyone has a collection of t-shirts they can't bear to throw away from vacations, rock concerts, sports or hobbies. Beginning quilters will have no problem making a T- shirt quilt of one of the types described in this article.

Your tee shirt quilt can be any size - a cozy lap quilt for the couch or a full sized bed quilt. If you have many tee shirts you can make every block from a shirt, but if you have fewer shirts you can put plain fabric in some blocks.Tee shirt with hands quilting on front The plain fabric can be cotton woven fabric or unprinted areas of cotton knit from your tee shirts.

Pull out all the tee shirts you think to use. Sort them by size of images on the shirts. Notice if there are smaller logos or designs on back and sleeves that you might also want to use. Roughly measure the sizes and make a list of the height x width of the designs you want to use. Remember to leave at least 2-3 inches around the edges of the printed logo or design for sewing.

You may have a range from as small as 4 x 5 inches (for sleeve or pocket designs) up to 12 x 15 inches from large adult tees. Smaller images and children's designs will fall in the middle. Before you decide on what layout you want to use, browse through the Gallery of Tee Shirt Quilt images in Part 5 of this article. You'll see there are many quilt layouts for arranging the blocks.

This is a 5 section article:

1. Introduction - the page you are reading now.

2. How to make the Tee Shirt Quilt - techniques, materials and links 

3. Blocks to use in your tee shirt quilt

4. Sample Layouts for the quilt tops

5. Gallery of links to images of tee shirt quilts on the Web



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