Gallery of Quilts
Sushi Jewels
by Susan Druding

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Sushi Jewels - approx. 28" x 18"

sushi-det1.jpg (51083 bytes)This quilt was made for an invitation group show that went to Yokohama, Japan in 1997. The sushi images were photographed at some of my favorite Japanese restaurants with my digital camera (and then eaten), printed with a Canon bubblejet printer onto transfer paper and heat transferred onto white pima cotton fabric. There is extra batting behind the sushi pieces to raise them from the surface.   They were appliquéd onto the base fabric which was the sleeve of an old, dark cotton man's kimono. Embroidered embellishments are Pfaff embroidered vines, flowers and leaves. I made larger leaves by couching narrow dark green ribbons onto black rayon fabric. Small red-orange beads were added to simulate the fish roe (eggs). A few little fish beads and brass clams were added as well.

The back of the quilt and the binding are from an old silk kimono. The name "Sushi Jewels" is because I shaped the sushi into a semblance of an ancient medieval necklace.

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