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Snowball Block & Quilts

 Quilts made with Snowball Blocks

These quilt tops show ways to show off your Snowball Blocks on their own, with no added additional blocks.

Additional variations could include using different colors for the corners.

Plus: Here is a PLAIN SNOWBALL Quilt top to color -
print it out and get out your colored pencils.

Above shows brightly colored snowballs with matching dark corners

Above shows brightly colored snowballs,
 but this time they alternate with a plain, dark snowball block.


For a very simple look, here is the same snowball block,
all made with hand dyed fabric and simply separated with
sashing - only 2 fabrics make the quilt.


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Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

2001 - copyright Susan C. Druding