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  A Quick Way to make Snowball Blocks 

The easy way to make Snowball blocks is to use the "quick corner" method. I show a sample below using sizes for a finished size 9" block, but this same principle is used for all sizes.

To calculate the size of the small square used to make the corner triangle:

Take the desired size of the finished sewn block, divide it by 3. Add 1/2 inch to that and you will have the size to make the small corner square. Thus, for a 6" block, you will cut the small square to be 2.5 inches.

Some instructions I have seen tell you to draw a line on the small square for the sewing line. I usually find this unnecessary. You can easily "eyeball" the sewing line. Or, if you must have a line, try folding the small squares in half diagonally and pressing them. This will make a line to follow without having to draw on them. If you wish to draw a line, I prefer to use a pencil.

When you sew the small square to the larger square, be sure to put the right side of the two squares together.

Trim the seam as shown at left to a 1/4" seam and press the triangle out to form the finished corner.

Do this 4 times and you have a finished Snowball block.

You can make these more quickly by chain piecing the corners several at a time. Cut a stack of small squares and a stack of larger squares, put them next to your sewing machine and make snowballs!


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Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 4.0

Susan Druding

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