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"What is a Quillow?"
A combination of a quilt and a pillow is called a quillow. (Some people spell it 'quillo'.)  The basic idea is that you fold the quilt into an attached pouch and when it's all sealed up it looks like a pillow. Some people sew a carrying strap to their Quillows, some don't . They are popular for kids' sleepovers or for grownups being cozy by the TV.

The quillow can have a theme. Give one made with dog print fabric to a dog lover or one with underwater images to a SCUBA diver. A teeny quillow is a nice for a baby shower.

You can do as much or as little patchwork on the quillow as you wish. You can quilt just the pillow part, or the whole main fabric or even just use solid, "unpatched" fabric.  Polar fleece makes a warm, cozy quillow.

  Instruction Links

Quillows are easy to make. Several sites have quillow patterns with directions and drawings. Be sure to look at all the sites here as there are many variations on the quillow-theme and you'll have a better idea of the style and size you want to make if you read several sets of instructions.

And, if you are a crochet person - here's a Crochet Version

So, whether you piece all of your quillow or just the top of the pillow part - get out your scrap bag and some theme fabric and make a quillow for someone you love!


2000 - copyright Susan C. Druding

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