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Paper Foundation Piecing - PFP - Part Two

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CLICK Here to reach the Paper Foundation Piecing article - PART ONE

CLICK Here to reach the Paper Foundation Piecing article - PART TWO

Part two on paper foundation piecing  - how to sew more complex paper pieced foundation quilt blocks.

The Part One article covered some of the basics of Paper Foundation Piecing (PFP) with the basic how-to and blocks which could be done with straight forward techniques. As you do more PFPing and start to want to piece more complicated patterns you'll run into the problem of "interior angles" and blocks which simply don't allow piecing in a continuous manner.


Have you thought about using the flying geese block as a border or major part of a scrap quilt, but just can't face up to dealing with so many bias edges on all those triangles? Paper piecing the geese can really make them fly! This page of foundation blocks, each in 3-4 sizes, is a great place to bookmark and includes geese, log cabin, autograph and courthouse step blocks.

And look how this block looks:

Simple Block with slanted lines

when you put 4 of them together:

Same slanted line block in 4-block


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