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Easy Curved 9 Patch sample quilt tops
Made with freehand cutting, no rulers.

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1. Above is a "normal" straight line 9 patch
and Below is the same quilt with curves in the patches.
3. Above, a curvy 9 patch on point with plain fabric 
against pattern making the curves more apparent.
4. Above, another on point quilt with thin, bright sashing. 
Using a bold black and white large pattern 
(here large polka dots) set with black solid fabric 
as the alternating patch.
5. Above is the same quilt as #4, but without sashing. 
The solid black shapes show as 2ndary shapes.
6. Another on point with varying areas of solid colors 
mixed with stripes. I love the extra interest 
you get from stripes.

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ęcopyright 2001 Susan C. Druding

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