Free Clipart for Quilting
and Sewing

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*** I am finding more and more people are linking to these images on my server and using them on message boards and other places. This means I am supplying the bandwidth and paying for the use of these images from my server. If this continues, I will have to remove all this clip art!
you want to use this free clip art ... MOVE it to your own server and pay for your own bandwidth!.

Thanks, Susan

glorbutn1.jpgFor PC users, right click and choose Save Image as...  For Mac users, click and hold. The jpgs are mostly photographed by me (with my digital camera.)  Both the gifs and jpgs have been optimized to be as small in bytes as possible and still look good on monitors. Remember, if you are going to print out any artwork you capture on the Web that the dots-per-inch is only 72-96 and so some printed images will look "jagged". Some of these images would make interesting backgrounds for Web pages.

glorbutn3.jpgFor some background reading on Web and clipart images and why I choose to use jpg for photo-type images and gifs for line art, refer to two previous articles here on my site: Web Images and Clip Art How-to, Rant about Graphics Online and Choosing the Right Graphics: GIF, JPG or BMP.

Also see:

Black and White clip art for printing (Guild newsletters etc.)

Holiday Gift TAGS for clip art to use and gift tags to print out.

Extra small Clip art for use in the Quilting Forum

POSTCARDS to send (quilt and sewing images)

This is Page One of Five pages of Clip Art, there will be more added in the future.
On a PC - Right Click to save image, on a Mac - Click & Hold.

 Clip Art Pages
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amish1.gif amish3.gif amish2.gif amish6.gif
amish4.gif amish5.gif balt4.gif balt2.gif
balt10.gif balt3.gif balt1.gif balt6.gif
balt7.gif balt8.gif balt9.gif balt5.gif
baltgrp2.gif baltgrp1.gif



glorbutn1.jpg glorbutn2.jpg glorbutn3.jpg glorbutn6.jpg
glorbutn5.jpg glorbutn4.jpg baltmini1.gif brushes.jpg
baltber1.gif baltber2.gif antiq6sm.jpg
antiq1.jpg antiq2.jpg
antiq3.jpg antiq4.jpg

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+ For Black & White Quilt Block Clip Art
for use in printing
see this B&W clip art page

Susan Druding

images copyright Susan C. Druding 1997-2001

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