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Quilters' Nuggets Newsletter
from Susan Druding

Sign up for Quilters' Nuggets - it's an email newsletter for quilters. It'll be short and sweet and let you know when new articles are published and what Susan is up to in the future on the Web.

After opening the Quilting at site (originally called Quilting at the Mining Company) and writing for almost nine years I'll will be doing something different. As of January 13, 2006 I have resigned as the Quilting Guide at
I've opened a web site called where I have placed many quilting articles and How To information.
To learn about new free quilting patterns and articles as I publish them,
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Due to ever increasing junk mailers harvesting address I no longer have a live link here to sign up - so

Please email by changing the -at- to @ for emailing Please put "Subscribe Nuggets" in the Subject line": Send your email to subscribe to:   quilts -at-

I'll use the email return on the message you send me to add you to the list. This email list will not be used for any other purpose nor will it be shared with anyone. You may ask to be removed at any time.

Join the
Quilting Forum at Delphi (QFAD)

One of the things I'll miss the most about quitting as the Quilting Guide at is the Quilting Forum. So, I hope you'll come by and say 'hello' in the new Quilting Forum at Delphi. (it's free to join)

Here is the link:

I chose Delphi Forums because many years ago (1993) I opened the Textile Artists Forum (TAF) on Delphi and have always liked the style and useful structure of the Delphi forums - so I'm full circle back to where I first began forum hosting online!

I hope to see you in QFAD!

Below is a little of what we are discussing right now
in the Quilting Forum - 5 topics:


Susan Druding


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