The Mo'fessionals' Scrapbook

Page 3

of the Record Release Party at Slim's, San Francisco

"Finally Over" - Dec. 14, 1996

These pictures were taken with 400 asa film and sent to Seattle Filmworks for digitizing and downloaded from the Web. It's certainly a quick way to get scanned photos up quickly!

Each photo on these pages is shown as a cropped thumbnail to save download time, then click on the photo if you want to see the larger, more complete image.

This page (Page 3) shows pictures from performance and the photos embedded in the text here are of the audience. Check out additional pages: Page 1 (Pre-show) and Page 2 (more performance pictures).

All photos by Susan Druding


Zoe Ellis, Teal Collins and Caitlin Cornwell in 3-part harmony

 Mark deJ

Mark de J - #1 Mo'Fan had his birthday celebrated at Slim's

 Erik's Solo

Erik plays a solo that had everyone cheering.

Zoe Ellis
Zoe Ellis croons !

John Wilson plays some funk.

Jeff Young at the keyboard.

CB & Zoe
Chris Burger & Zoe

If you are a Bay Area
Mo'fessional Fan -
We Need Your

Check out how you can help contact radio stations to play the new CD, "Finally Over"

Check out Page 1 (Pre-show & friends) and Page 2 with pictures of the Mo'fessionals during the performance.


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