The Mo'fessionals' Scrapbook

Page 2

of the Record Release Party at Slim's, San Francisco

"Finally Over" - Dec. 14, 1996

 Mo'fo Poster on 11th Street

At the right is a picture of one of the posters for the show on a telephone pole outside Slim's on 11th Street. It should be bright yellow, but it was on a dark telephone pole.

Each photo on these pages is shown as a cropped thumbnail to save download time, then click on the photo if you want to see the larger, more complete image. The blue border around the picture indicates that it is a "link". After you look at the larger image the link color will turn purple.

This page (Page 2) shows pictures from performance. Check out additional pages: Page 1 (Pre-show) and Page 3 (more performance pictures).

All photos by Susan Druding.


 Fans down in Front Fans down in front of the stage.


Chris "CB" Burger and Zoe Ellis

 Chris rapping

Chris rappin'

Zoe and Teal cracking up -
Erik and Jeff can be seen in the background.
Erik in the middle
of a solo

Jeff Young on Keyboards

Erik listening to applause
Teal Collins
Teal Colllins doing a
Mike Marshall "cover"
John "Wishbone" Wilson on the bass
Loring doing aerobic drumming

CB taking a break, Lo'
in the rear


Chris raps while Zoe croons

 a Slim's soundboard

One of Slim's Sound Boards

Check out Page 1 and Page 3 with pictures of the Mo'fessionals during the performance.

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