Mo'fo Pictures

Check out the new pictures taken at the record release party

at Slim's - Dec. 15 1996

Photographer: Era Balestrieri

For each of these photos, clicking on the underlined JPEG description will bring up a larger size photo. To download a photo, click with right mouse button on the image.

Mini-gif Mo'fosMo'fessionals at the curb - JPEG, 34.8 K, 428 x 253. The Mo's - at the curb - from left to right: Jeff, Zoe, Mike, John, Erik (standing), Loring (sitting), Chris (C.B.) and Teal

Mini-Mo-GIFMo'fessionals in the woods - JPEG, 31.6 K, 383 x 255. The Mo's - in the woods - from left to right: John, Erik, Chris (C.B.), Jeff, Mike, Zoe, Loring and Teal

Mini-Mo-GIFMo'fessionals at the busstop - JPEG, 35.8 K, 394 x 284. The Mo's - at the busstop - from left to right: John, Teal, Mike (seated), Zoe (seated), C.B. (watch in hands), Erik (painter's hat), Jeff (over c.B.'s shoulder), Loring with basketball.

Mini-Mo-GIF-tradingMo'fessionals up to something - JPEG, 29.7 K, 337 x 226. The Mo's - doing what? - from left to right: John, Teal, Loring (still with basketball), C.B (finally getting rid of the watch?)

Like these pictures? Comments? We can put up more here on the Mo'Pics Page. We've got color photos from shows, too. Also, check out the LIVE at Slim's CD Page & Cover. -

These Black and White photos were taken in April 1996 by Oakland photographer, Era Balestrieri. The Mo'fessionals needed new photos for press kits and promotional photos. the Mo's have worked with Era before and really like her work. Era is studying photography at the Art Institute in San Francisco and is especially interested in working with musicians and bands in her photography. She may be reached at 510-549-3818.

Download these photos for your own enjoyment, but they ARE under copyright - so don't do anything like publish them or print them without getting permission - thanks!

last revised December, 1996

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