Loring Jones Graduates

Ex'pression Center for New Media

  Loring's Celebration Dinner   - July 20, 2001
at the Townhouse bar & grill in Emeryville, CA
(a few blocks from Ex'pression Center)

from left:
Andy, David, Michelle, Michaelann and niece, Jasmine


left side of table:
Jesse, Chris, Nicky, Angie, Brenda


left side: Jasmine, Claire, Martine, Lissa, Dacia and Russ Bloom

from left: Chris, Bob, David, Andy, Chris and Nicole

from left: Andy, Chris, Nicole and Michele

Loring and sister, Angie


from left: Bob Bloom, David Druding, Andy MacEwan


Michele and Michael (Lo's Dad)


Russell and Michelle Bloom and sons, Marco and Gianni

Playing hangman after dinner


Loring with sisters Michelle and Michaelann


Jacob and Jesse MacEwan (brother)


Chris Burger (C.B.) and Loring




Babu and Loring looking happy!


Loring with the Buddha gift from Dacia


Jacob, Dede and Jesse


Loring and Ava




Michele and Brenda


Susan (Loring's mom) and Nick Wolfe



photos taken by Susan Druding with Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera
& a few pics by "Uncle David" Druding with Nikon Coolpix 950


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