The 9th Class Graduates

Ex'pression Center for New Media

Graduation - July 20, 2001

The graduation banner in the lobby

Photo note: the 5 photos below were taken under very low light in the Meyer Hall
and then tuned up digitally, thus the strange color appearance.

Peter Laanen and Gary Platt begin the ceremony

Salvador Hernandez thanks everyone.

Loring gets a Gary-Hug as he goes to get his diploma.

Loring makes a short thank you speech.

Each grad posed for a photo after getting his diploma.
left to right: Peter Laanen, Duke Zaffery, Loring Jones and Gary Platt
after Lo got his diploma.
(the odd coloring is due to low light and playing with the digital image afterwards)

photos taken by Susan Druding with Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera


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