Loring's Birthday Party - Aug. 5, 2000 

The party was in Tilden Park - lots of food with Michael, Loring's dad in charge of the grilling 80+ lbs BBQ ribs, chicken, burgers and dogs.

Here are a few of the photos. Michel's filled with candy (and some adult toys) Clown pinata was a highpoint for the kids and the adults!

Mike Marshall pouring ice before everyone arrived

Jesse and Kaya (not quite in focus)

Michael started the ribs early - Michel and Loring at left.

The pinata still in one piece.

Erin, Jazz and Michel hanging the pinata.

Loring bashing the final blow to the Clown!

Angie and Ava swapping stories.

Arlyce and the boys

Dante and Chris (C.B.)


Erin and her Mom

Jeff and Loring

Loring getting a birthday kiss from sister, Angie


Loring and Erin with Erin's Mom and Dave in background

Lucy, the dalmation and her family

Michael cooking up the ribs!

A Mo'fessionals Reunion! (plus Dante)

The Mo'fo's with labels!

the Mo'fessionals with Michel