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Kenneth Aaron MacEwan
December 30, 2007 - 1:20 pm
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December 2008 - One Year - Birthday Party

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I had my birthday party on Dec. 27 (I'll really be 1 yr old on Dec. 30).
Lots of people and kids came to help me celebrate.
My great-grandmother Mary came from Arizona.
I had a Giraffe Cake! I really like giraffes,
I fed a big one in the Tucson Zoo a few weeks ago.
I had a lot of fun with a Big piece of my birthday cake
- you'll see how I made it into interesting mush!

Here's my giraffe cake. It was chocolate inside.

My G-Grandma Mary and I wear our party hats.

Hmmm... this stuff is sticky on my fingers.

I'm going to feel to the very bottom.

It's getting flatter and bigger.

Hey, wait, it tastes good as well as feels good.

Now I have 2 fists full of cake and whipped cream frosting!

Uncle Corey and I played a lot. He's fun!