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Kenneth Aaron MacEwan
December 30, 2007 - 1:20 pm
Berkeley, California - Alta Bates Hospital

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May-June 2008 - 5 - 6 months!

I'm growing a lot! I love being played with, bounced on laps and "talking" back.
My cousin, Nadia (4 months old), and I are starting to "communicate", too.

This photo was taken in April when Mom & Dad took me for a walk
at Pt. Isabelle - I've grown since April, but I like this photo. Dad and I
are both wearing cool hats!


Uncle Loring, Daddy Jesse, Nadia and me.

I spent some good laptime with Grandpa Paul on the deck.

Here I am with Cousin Nadia wearing my favorite color combination - brown and pale green.
My room is painted in just these colors.

Here I am with Grandpa Andy holding Marcelo's "Tony" tiger animal.

Below are 4 photos of Nadia and me hanging out
at my house last weekend.

I have some Videos on YouTube
I'm trying to walk already! (well, pretend anyway!)
Mom and Dad are guessing I'm going to walk early and I think that's a good idea.