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Welcome to FSM-A

We offer: a spectrum of opinions on what FSM was, information about Mario Savio, perspectives on what happened in the FSM.  There's an extensive suite of documents of the conflict, from all sides.

The FSM didn't happen in isolation. Here's information on the rich history that led to the FSM and the complex developments that followed from it. We plan to show how the FSM has been treated as "history".

Who was involved and what became of them? Read about public commemorations organized by FSM veterans and reports on projects to memorialize the FSM. 

Barbara Stack's Bibliography of subsequent journalism.
[Bibliography is frequently updated and is now off this site at .]

The Gallery shows photos from FSM history and more recent events. The veterans' affairs section discusses the FSM Archives' activities and our search for missing vets.

We invite your personal thoughts, news of what you are doing now, writings about your FSM experiences, information to share about other FSM Vets who are doing and accomplishing things. OpEd pieces about current events associated with free speech issues or other issues are welcome.

See Vets' News and Views Here

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What happened in the FSM?

Chronologies of the conflict
Narratives of the FSM
Analyses and interpretations
Mass-media journalism
Retrospectives and reflections

Who said what to whom?
(Documents of the conflict)

    other student groups
    the CCPA
the outside world

  Group-to-group &
            internal communications

  Meetings & events
  (audio tapes & transcripts)

Mario Savio

The famous speech
Public talks
Life Mag. Interview 2/1965
Remembering Mario
Mario related web links

Fell November - a memorial poem
Media Resources audio files
4th Annual Memorial Lecture
Many photos in this collection*

The FSM after FSM

The 1984 Reunion
The 1994 Reunion
Mario Savio's Memorial (1996)
Mario Savio Lecture Fund (1996)
Dedication of the Savio Steps (1997) (photos)
The Silberstein Gift explained (1998)
The FSM Cafe at UC Berkeley
Mario Savio Memorial Lecture (2000)

FSM@40 - Oct. 2004 40th Reunion Program
Transcripts of 2004 Speeches
Mario Savio Memorial Lecture (2008)
   (photos on Anita Levine's site

Veterans' affairs & news

The "lost lambs" list of missing Vets
Vets Missing Emails for Notices
Deceased FSM Vets & Friends
The next reunion -
Dec 3, 2009 Gathering in Berkeley
The FSM Archives project

In Memoriam
Reggie Zelnik
Michael Rossman Memorial Links

What led to the FSM?

  How we approach this

FSM's historical project
The political history

What followed from the FSM?

The FSM's judicial consequences
The "filthy speech" controversy
Berkeley campus developments
Campus/community developments
Broader sympathy and reaction
Far reflections

Related historical sites
Bancroft Library FSM Bibliography
Oral Histories at Bancroft

FSM Photos & Videos

Video Links
Photo galleries
- links to various

Photos of FSM@40 Events
45th Sproul Hall Anniv. Event (12/09)
Video #1 & Video #2

The FSM as "history"

Mass-media treatments

The Sproul Incident
"an NBC Reporter remembers"

Who was involved in the FSM
and what became of them?

Studies of FSM participants
Subsequent journalism bibliography

Other Links

SLATE Archives *
Other Outside links

Editorial - Site matters

The Bancroft FSM project

Daily Californian - UCB *
Use the Search Window link on Daily Cal site to find many references to FSM and Mario Savio.

Free Speech Now !
(Links to current struggles)

Microradio - Free Radio Berkeley

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