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But, perhaps you want to join two pieces together that aren't starting off as two equal size pieces? You do not always want to make two matching reversed color strips with curves as seen in the previous section.

You may, for instance, have a piece of fabric such as shown in fig. 1A below, fabric A, which already has a curved edge and is thin or is part of another design element. You won't want to cut away any of fabric A when you join it to a new piece (here shown as fabric B).

curved sewing for quilting

In this case you will use the edge of fabric A as the cutting guide. See fig 2A below. On a cutting mat, lay fabric A along the edge of fabric B and place A on top. Make sure that the right side of both fabrics are facing up. Trim the ends of fabric A to match B in length.

Use a rotary cutter and slowly cut along the curved edge of A through so you are matching the curves in cutting through fabric B.

sewing curved seams for quilting

Now you will flip fabric A over just as you did in the Previous section and sew along the matching curves joining it to fabric B. Finger press and then iron press seam gently open. 

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