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6. Your aligned fabric pieces will look something like fig. 6 below before you slip the right light side under the darker left side. The hills and valleys won't line up well when you lay them this way, but you'll be able to join them in sewing by moving the two pieces away and toward each other as you sew. (See figs. 7 and 8)

sewing curved seams

7. You will begin sewing at the top of the strips as shown in #7 below. Since the first seam section of this pair of fabrics is a "valley" in the top fabric, you will pull the top fabric slightly at an angle to the right as shown so that you can slowly sew your 1/4" seam allowance and match the edges as you sew. Don't worry about the bottom unsewn portions! Only watch the 1/3-1/2" where you are actually sewing. Just keep that small section of seams aligned as you sew. 

sewing strip curved seams

8. Now as you finish sewing the "valley" of the top piece as in #7 above you will swing the top piece back to the left to keep the seams aligned and now you will sew the "hill" of the top piece to the valley of the bottom piece. I find that holding one piece of the fabric with my right hand and the other piece with my left  hand as I sew I can shift the two parts back and forth as needed to sew the hills and valleys.

Just keep your eye on the small area where you are actually sewing as you move down the strips sewing them together.

how to sew improvizational curved seams

9. You will have completed the strips and as shown in #9 below you'll see the final look. I like to press the sewn strip in this form first to set the seam. Then, with your fingers, gently open the strip and finger press the curves open. When you are satisfied with the smoothness of the seam, you can press with an iron.

how to sew curved seams for strip piecing

10. Your finished strip sewing will look something like #10. Now you can sew the second pair of strips from the beginning together.

finished look of sewn curved seams


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