Free Quilt Block Patterns (BOM) of the Month Series
"Pinwheel Series"

This series of BOMs focuses on
Pinwheel blocks - 12 different
The series is now complete with 12 Blocks total

 For each free Block of the Month in this series I post images of the quilt block, a free Paper Foundation Piecing pattern, and several varieties of quilt top layouts in color to give an idea of ways to use the block in quilts.

Pinwheel blocks are very versatile and give much movement across a quilt. They also make wonderful smaller wall hangings, pillows, etc. 

WHEELS pinwheel quilt block - May BOM 2000

 Wheels block - May #1

wheel of fortune pinwheel block

 Wheel of Fortune block - June BOM #2

mini flying saucer quilt block

Flying Saucer block - July BOM #3

pinwheel 4 block

 Crow's Foot block - August BOM #4

free BOM pinwheel block #5

Red & White Cross block - Sept BOM #5

double pinwheel whirl block

Double Pinwheel Whirls block - October BOM #6


 Pinwheel block - November BOM #7

 Susan's Pinwheel block - December BOM #8


  Susan's Pinwheel #9 - January block #9




  Easy Pinwheel #10 - February block #10


 Wedge Pinwheel #11 - March block #11

 Paper Pinwheel block #12 - Final BOM in series


Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

2001-2005 Susan C. Druding

Susan Druding

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