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We asked these questions in the Quilting Forum:

To what Quilting Magazine (s) do you subscribe?
What do you most like about the magazines? What do you like least?
What does each cover that is different from the other (s)?
Will you re-subscribe when your current subscription runs out?
Has being on the Web made you change your magazine subscriptions in any way?

I don't subscribe to any but the one magazine I consistently buy is Quilters' Newsletter. It always has something new and sometimes very different to keep my brain active. Their articles are well written and instructions are clear. I like their listing of quilt shows (international) as well as the US so I can plan far enough in advance to get there. (I live in Canada.) I also buy on occasion McCall's Quillting and McCalls Quick Quilts if there is more than one quilt that grabs my attention. The same applies to Miniature Quilts. They are usually really quick and the effects can be quite stunning. Hope this helps.

The only magazine I subscribe to is
Quilters' Newsletter Magazine, it covers everything quilt related in one way or another in a most intelligent, clear and concise manner. I read every word including the ads every month. I will definitely renew my subscription as I have for the past 18 years. Being on the web has cut down or eliminated my picking up quilt magazines from the newsstand.

I subscribe to Quilters' Newsletter, Quiltmaker and For the Love of Quilting (Fons and Porter). I like Quilters' Newsletter and have been getting it for many, many years. It has good articles, information about shows from all over, great patterns easy and difficult. Shows what people have made for there personal use and from shows. Always challenging your brain. And their Quiltmaker magazine is great with the different patterns. I like that it is just for patterns and also shows different color variations. There is always something I'm itching to make. Wish I had the time.

Fons and Porter's magazine is very good. Good directions, fun patterns (I made their pink flamingos). I do like a book that just shows patterns. I have even shown this magazine to my friends who don't quilt and have them interested.

I always look at the magazine racks for other magazines and buy when I find something that interests me. I do seem to buy McCalls magazine but not always. I have gotten others in the past but these are my favorites.

I subscribed to Quilters' Newsletter for many years but I haven't bought many of them in the past 4 or 5 years. Why?? Because it is not the magazine it used to be. I remember when I looked forward to receiving my copy each month and delighted in the beauty of the quilts that were featured and I enjoyed the articles and even the classified.

Now, in my humble opinion, the magazine has too much advertising, some of the most bizarre creations being passed off as quilts and in general, it is not the magazine it used to be. I have over 25 years of back issues that I treasure but I rarely buy a copy of QN anymore.

I subscribe to Quiltmaker, American Patchwork and Quilting and For the Love of Quilting (Fons & Porter).
I like the instructions in Quiltmaker. They always give directions for rotary cutting. Difficulty is rated. Wide variety of quilts: traditional - contemporary. I have received this for several years and would renew.
American Patchwork and Quilting is my favorite. It seems I often find inspiration in this magazine! Definitely renewable!

For the Love of Quilting - This magazine usually has a theme for each issue. They present a lot of hints and shortcuts, different techniques. Many of the quilts are "fat quarter" friendly, great from a scrappers point of view. It seems each issue ends too soon. To cut back on my subscriptions, I would probably not renew this one, but then I might miss something!

I often purchase Quilters' Newsletters Magazine at the newsstand. This magazine includes so many areas of quilting: color, techniques, new products, fabrics, personalities, personal views. I don't think I have ever made a quilt from this magazine, but read every page of it! If I were increasing my subscriptions, this would be the one!

Others I often buy are Miniature Quilts, McCall's Quick Quilts. I use the web to learn a lot about quilting, but would not give up my magazines!

I just got the first (for me) two issues of Down Under Quilts: Breathtaking! As I live in Germany it does not matter whether I get them from the States or from down under. I also have one issue of New Zealand's Quilters that is lovely, too.

I subscribe to QNM and love it, as well as Quilt (but beware of the typos and not that quilt patterns in the latter).

I am a junkie of quilt mags so I get two German language ones as a subscriber. I just got my first issue of BHG's mag and liked it, too.  -- Karin

I subscribe to 7 quilt magazines, but I won't be renewing two of them. (Fons and Porter's For the Love of Quilting and BH&G's American Patchwork and Quilting). I find that I like articles about quilters as much as or more than the patterns and these two are mostly pattern magazines.

I started subscribing to Quilters' Newsletter when I first started quilting in about 1979. I let it lapse for a year or two in the mid 80's when I stopped quilting for awhile, but when I started my subscription again, I also ordered as many as I could of the issues that I missed. LOL. I like this magazine because of the articles mainly. I enjoy the pages where quilters submit pictures of their quilts and a letter describing why the quilt was made, etc.

I subscribe to two "sister" magazines Traditional Quiltworks and Quilting Today. These magazines also have articles that I enjoy reading.

I've subscribed to Quilt World for almost as long as Quilter's Newsletter. It has a completely different feel to it. More old-timey.

My favorite is AQS American Quilter. The pictures are beautiful and there are usually instructions in different techniques. Another plus to subscribing to this magazine is being able to buy books and calendars at a discount.

I am a quilting book and magazine junkie. I subscribe to McCall's Quilting Magazine (I like it for the easy-hard ratings and good patterns), Quilters Newsletter Magazine (mostly for the articles and big sections on what people send in of their finished quilts), American Patchwork and Quilting (good patterns), Quiltmaker (subscribed once and am not renewing, find it dull), and Fons and Porter's quilting magazine. That's my favorite one. I put aside the magazines with the patterns I eventually want to do. Fons and Porter's has something "I must do" in almost every issue. It's the best! I'll re-subscribe to that one and every one except, as I said, Quiltmaker. I try to read all the magazines from cover to cover.

Thanks for bringing up what, for me, is a very interesting subject matter.

I'm still experimenting with quilt magazines and find that I definitely am renewing Quilt World and Traditional Quiltworks . American Quilter I can do without---too much emphasis on art quilts.
I prefer the traditional geometric patterns. Wouldn't my geometry teacher be tickled!! Also I doubt if I renew Quiltmaker. Not sure yet about American Patchwork and Quilting. Will definitely look for Quilters Newsletter Magazine. It seems to be a favorite out there.

I've been so inundated with magazines, that I'm down to just Quilter's Newsletter because I find I just can't read everything I get before the next issue lands on my desk. I get Quilter's Newsletter probably more from force of habit than anything. It was the first quilting magazine I subscribed to. I like the range of projects that they show photos of (I don't tend to actually make the projects they have the patterns for, but I find alot of the photos are inspiring.)
I also get Threads and have for a number of years, but they have very few quilting articles. It's for my "other" sewing projects...

Quilters Newsletter, Australian Patchwork and Quilting (good directions, photos, etc.)

I have purchased MORE magazines since coming to this forum!!! I caught the quilting bug for sure!!!

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Susan Druding

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