A useful basic quilt block - easy and fast to make for quick quilts
 Half-Split/Half-Square Triangle Block

There are times when you just are in the mood to MAKE a quilt! You don't want to fuss with fancy patterns. Or perhaps there is a new baby on the way that needs a quilt quickly? Or you just found out a friend eloped and you want to give a quilt in a hurry? Or, you bought some great conversation or novelty prints and some coordinating solids and you want to start to sew!

See a variety of sample borders made from this same block. 

That's the time you will love having a few special, easy, fast quilt blocks in your repertoire. A quilt can look very different depending on how you arrange the direction and fabrics in the basic block I'm showing you here. (There are 10 sample quilt tops for you to see as well.)

This block one is one of my favorites - it doesn't seem to have a name - at least Barbara Brackman (in Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns) doesn't name it (she calls it block #3151 in case you want to find it in her book or the Blockbase program). 

So, I'm going to call this block "Half-Split/Half-Square Triangle Block" because, as you can see, it's a half square triangle block with one half of it split again in half.

It can be made very quickly in mirror-image pairs using the quick-sew method I show you. 

Starting with a stack of squares of fabric you can make a stack of these blocks quickly and start making a new quilt tonight!

small version of half-split/half-square triangle block

Here for the quick sewing technique

Here for some sample quilt layouts

And here are some blank quilt top layouts to color in.

See a variety of sample borders made from this same block. 


article & illustrations copyright 2005 Susan C. Druding

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