Typing Paper Quilts - Sample Quilt Top layouts  

Each of these quilts uses the 16 blocks you made in Part 2 of this article. 
Part One --  Part Two -- Part Two-B  --  Part Three

See the #2 Typing Paper Project for 
a slightly more complex (but still easy!) and larger quilt -
Click Here

See a Gallery of Photos of some Typing Paper Quilts
made by quilters who used this pattern

Above is a long banner style layout - use it vertically or horizontally.

Below are several quilts with the same arrangement of blocks, 
but notice how they differ with the use of the black areas
 to emphasis some edges or the centers.

And below is the same block arrangement, but in a very different looking color plan.

But you don't have to arrange your blocks in diamonds - see below!

If you make a quilt with your 16 blocks and want to share a digital photo or scan, we'd love to put it up in the Gallery area.
Email to me at 'quilting -at- equilters.com' (replace the -at- with @ to email).

If you missed the earlier parts of this article - see below:

Part 3: (intro page to this section)

Part 2: "So what's this about typing paper?" 
 to get started on your blocks. 

Part 1: About this typing paper project


Susan Druding

The graphics and quilt blocks/layouts for this article were prepared using  Electric Quilt quilt design software.

copyright 2001  - 2001 Susan C. Druding, this free quilting pattern may be used for your personal or guild use, but is not to be reprinted or republished in other print or electronic media or on Web pages without permission from the author.

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