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This quilt block will have a finished size of approximately 7" sewn. It can have many different looks as you will see. It is, due to the cutting of the paper into quarter square triangles, a slightly smaller quilt block than the one made in the first Typing Paper Quilt project.

In the first project you left your paper in a full square to sew fabrics onto the square. For this project you will cut those squares into 4 parts on the diagonal before sewing your fabric to the paper.


Prepare your paper the same way as in the first project (see the diagrams here) so that you have squares of paper.

The number of squares you make will depend on the size of finished quilt you want to make. See the page HERE for different bed sizes to help you decide. 

Example: For a typical twin size quilt you might want to make it approximately 77" x 98". This would mean (without a border) you would made 11 blocks x 14 blocks = 154 blocks total. Or, if you were going to add a border or sashing between the blocks you would make fewer blocks. Get some colored pencils and graph paper to experiment. You may want to draw a few blocks and then copy them with a copy machine to play with paper first before committing to which style of block (see block samples on page 2 of this article). Or, if you have quilt design software, experiment with that (I used Electric Quilt to make the blocks and quilt tops illustrated here.)

Or, just make 9 blocks at first to experiment and have a small 3 x 3 wall quilt as a sampler.


Cut each block into 4 triangles. Remember, you don't need to measure. Just use a straight edge to draw your diagonal lines and cut carefully along the lines.

 another typing paper quilt block

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of the 3 different  
  block arrangements sampled here.

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Susan Druding

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The graphics and quilt blocks/layouts for this article were prepared using  Electric Quilt quilt design software.

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