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free quilt pattern
A Typing Paper Quilt
Easy & No Measuring to do!

Part One (this)  -  Part Two  -  Part Two-B  -  Part Three  -  Part 4 (sample quilt layouts)

I often get email asking if I have ideas for easy projects for beginners or for quick projects for experienced quilters who want to have a gift ready or make a fun scrap quilt quickly.

Photos from readers who have made a Typing Paper Quilt.
More photos are Welcome!
Send to
quilting @ equilters.com

I decided to come up with a way to use up odd leftovers, show how to make a simple string quilt and design it so no one has to measure or use templates - hope you have fun with this one. It would be fun for a Swap Project or for Charity quilts, too!

Another goal is NOT to buy any fabric for this project - use up what you have, ask friends for their scraps and make this a frugal project. You'll have a great sense of satisfaction.

Some things to decide first:


1. If you really want a "color scheme", that's fine. Choose a pair of focus colors and make sure some of those colors are in all your scraps. Perhaps a French Provencal scheme of blues and sunny yellows?  Or, autumn colors? Or neutrals combined with rich darks? We'll call the different families A and B.

2. Or do a traditional scrap approach and have Lights and Darks and don't worry about the colors - let them be random. A = Darks and B = Lights.

 Types of Patterns or Prints or ?? 

Be sure to have some solids or almost-solids, some small scale and large scale prints plus some stripes or polka dots are fun. If you can possibly have about 1/4-1/2 yard of a bold "contrast" color stripe it'll be a nice accent.

 How Much Fabric? 

This is a hard question since it will depend on the size pieces and, of course, on the size of the quilt you want to make. I'm going to make a guess at this and hope that you'll give me some feedback and I can edit in your advice later for future users of this pattern idea.

 Size of Blocks ?

The block size for this quilt pattern is approximately 8.5 inches square unsewn, finished size 8 inches. But I'll show you how to vary that, too.


You may want to have a mat and rotary cutter for squaring you your blocks, but you do NOT have to have these tools. A good pair of scissors is just fine. If you are a beginning quilter, don't worry, you can start with scissors and a sewing machine and be able to make this quilt project easily. Do you have a child or grandchild or neighbor youngster who wants to quilt? This is a perfect starter quilt.


I REALLY hope you'll send me photos of your projects. I don't care if they are finished or just are photos of the tops un-quilted. 

 Gather Your Fabrics! 

So, start gathering fabrics - 100% cotton is easiest to work with, but if what you have is blends of cotton-poly, that's OK, too. If you don't have much fabric, look in your closet for cotton things you haven't worn in a long time or go and wander through a Goodwill or Salvation Army store and pick up some 50 cent items.

Let's say you should have about 2 lbs of fabric for a double size quilt, one pound for a lap quilt and 3 lbs for a queen-king. Don't forget to have a bold stripe or two in the mix!

All fabrics should be washed and ironed to get them ready.

 Next Part 2: "So what's this about typing paper?" 
 and get started on your blocks. 

I've Written Another Typing Paper Project
for a slightly more complex (but still very easy!) and larger quilts 
It's HERE 

Susan Druding

copyright 2001-2005 Susan C. Druding

     The graphics and quilt blocks/layouts for this article were prepared using Electric Quilt quilt design software.

copyright 2001-2005 Susan C. Druding, this free quilting pattern may be used for your personal or guild use, but is not to be reprinted or republished in other print or electronic media or on Web pages without permission from the author.

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