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The Many Looks of Rail Fence Quilts

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For many quilters a rail fence quilt is a first project. It's often used for teaching rotary cutting and strip piecing since it's perfectly suited for fast cutting and sewing methods.

See the Rail Fence

with photos
of quilts sent in by
readers - share yours?

 But, more experienced quilters also love to use this quick block to make baby quilts, fast gift quilts and to experiment with color and design. 

Lots of Links to
Rail Fence Projects - Ideas on the Web
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 Don't think that just because it's a simple and easy block to make means you can't make some exciting looking quilts from this humble block!

See 20 Sample Quilt Tops
in color with this article to show you the amazing variety of looks this block can give a quilt!

There are also a lot of How-To projects on various Web sites - see the links here for lots of instructions for ways to make these quilts.

Here are 20 sample quilt layouts

Here are links to web sites with 
directions for making several styles of rail fence quilts

 If you do something with this Rail fence block and you'd like to share your quilt - send a photo or a scan for the Gallery? Send to  quilting -at- equilters.com and put "rail fence quilt" in the subject line of the email.

sample rail fence quilt top


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