Make a Quilted Greeting Card

a miniature quilt wall hanging is easy to makeQuilt Greeting Card - easy small gift - free quilting pattern - a free quilt pattern

Here's a fun way to use up odd bits of fabric from your stash and have a personal quilt greeting card as a small gift that friends and loved ones will treasure. You can also use this technique to experiment on a small scale for ideas for larger quilt projects.

The quilt greeting card I show here is one I am making for a friend to cheer him up in a difficult time. I wanted it to look like a lush tropical forest detail. It's 9" x 12" (and you'll see the pins since I haven't sewn the binding yet.

I've written out the instructions for making a quilt greeting card HERE.

One way to be prepared to make these on the spur of the moment is to keep a plastic tub of pre-fused fabric in your sewing room. I put any scraps of fabric to which I've applied Wonder-Under or other fusible web in one tub so I can dip into it as needed.

I also like to go to fabric shops that carry fabric for interiors and decorating and buy a few pieces with large motifs on them - large flowers and leaves are fun to have. I didn't use any in this sample, but I have in the past on others.

After you fuse your basic pieces down you can embellish with buttons, beads and machine and hand stitching. You'll see in the photos below that I added some no. 5 pearl cotton in long running stitches around some areas by hand and also did some machine stitching.

Quilt Greeting Card - easy small gift - free quilting pattern
I built up the back ground first with 2 sections of "grassy" fabric at the bottom. The binding isn't sewn yet, but is pinned.
The finished size is 9" x 12"

I used pinking shears to cut the striped fabric (a Kaffe Fassett stripe) before fusing. You can see my hand stitched running stitches in pearl cotton and some machine stitching on the right side.

I stitched some X's and also cut some small circles to float around the background from African fabric.


If you make quilt greeting cards, I'd love to share photos of what you've made. Take a photo or lay it on a scanner and email to me with a little explanation or story to 'quilting at' (I've put the word "at" instead of the @ sign to try to cut down on the spam emails)

Susan Druding

copyright 2002-2006 Susan C. Druding

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