What is a Mystery Quilt & Where to find them

To some quilters a mystery might be an antique quilt in an unknown block or pattern?  Or, perhaps a mystery might be a quilt about which the family history is unknown?

But to many online quilters a mystery quilt is the fun way to make a quilt and keep the final look a "mystery" until the last steps of assembly. I've seen a few mystery quilts in print in quilters' magazines, but the place where you can really find a lot of free quilt patterns for mystery quilts is on the Web. I decided, after seeing announcements of new Mystery Quilt projects on mailing lists and on rec.crafts.textiles.quilting to try to pull out a list of many of the places online to find them. I was surprised to see how many there are! You may want to go and collect them now, even if you aren't ready to make the quilt as a mystery quilt you may want to save the instructions as many have a short-lived life span. The instructions take up quite a bit of space along with images and many Mystery Quilt Web sites take down the old project when the new one goes up or soon after.

I have written 3 mystery quilts here on this site and a 4th one is up as a Guest mystery (see the links below.)

I have written three Mystery quilts which I've designed:

 "Piecemakers' Guild" Mystery Quilt #4 by Penny Pennington is HERE.

Mystery Quilt Sites:
  Planet Patchwork always has some great mysteries on their site
*  Deb Kauffunger's Quiltaholics has 2 Mystery Quilts
* Summer Mystery Quilt by Lynn Dykstra

Honeycomb Mystery Quilt
Mystery Quilt #4 by Jane Kakaley

Susan Druding

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