The Log Cabin

  The Log Cabin
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I love Log Cabin quilts. I've gathered here lots of links to history, images and technique - traditional and contemporary.

Want to make 
a log cabin quilt?

A 5-part article here 
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logblk3.gif (2925 bytes)Contemporary Interpretations

Keiko Goke, Japanese quilt artist, has done amazing log cabin designs. Click on the "Log Cabin Series" link on this list. You'll see an almost traditional arrangement: in 1/4 Log Cabin to a fanciful LC designs in 1997: Springtime in Giverny and Log Cabin in Wonderland.

Joe's Log Cabin by Elizabeth Ford-Ortiz shows a wonderfully "warped" log cabin.


Confused by the various sets (layouts) for log cabins? The Virginia Consortium of Quilters shows all the variations clearly in black and white.

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Susan Druding