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Log Cabin Quilt Block
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   This is Part One of Log cabin Quilt article:
Blocks and instructions for easy log cabin quilt assembly in several variations using a simple strip sewing technique, not paper foundation pieced. Quilt Top layouts included, too.

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If you haven't made a log cabin quilt you are in for a treat. I find sewing log cabin blocks very addictive. This article is focused on making larger quilt blocks so they are easy for beginners, but feel free to downsize the strip width and make smaller log cabin or courthouse steps. The smaller blocks look even better!

You can use paper foundation piecing for log cabin quilts, but for simple log cabin blocks there is really no need to. If you decide to make more complicated blocks or pineapple quilt blocks you may want to try paper piecing - but let's keep this simple and straightforward here.

Before you begin sewing your log cabin quilt blocks you need STRIPS, lots of strips. Contrast is the essential to making successful log cabins. You can make a very scrappy looking log cabin and pay attention only to the contrast and use any and all colors. Or, you can decide to focus on one or two color families, but you still must be aware of contrast.

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Read through this article's several pages and look at the samples before you start slicing fabric. Perhaps you want to get together with friends in your quilting group or some online quilt friends and trade strips? We always have quilters who love to swap in our Forum, so come and ask if you are interested.

The Parts to this Log Cabin Quilt Article:

This page, the introduction
Page two - how much fabric and cutting the strips
Page three - sewing the blocks in two styles
Page four - log cabin style blocks: sample layouts
Page five: courthouse steps style blocks: sample layouts

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