halloween cat4 Halloween Pumpkins
& One Black Cat
free blocks for paper piecing

Quilters liked the last feature so much with the cups, mugs and teapots I thought I'd make some Halloween Blocks for you to play with.  They range from very easy to slightly complex paper piecing.

See some Sample Quilt Layouts using these blocks HERE

There are 4 pumpkins: 

Easiest Pumpkin block

This is the Easiest Pumpkin Block











Above is the "easiest pumpkin block" the reason this one is so easy is that you make only the pumpkin shape with paper piecing - then put in the eyes, nose,  mouth and stem of the pumpkin with applique (a quick fusible approach is what I would use). It would be fun to machine quilt in the direction of the lines on the outside of a pumpkin? The foundation block is here.


Pumpkin #1 Block to paper piece.

Pumpkin Block #1  to paper piece.









Pumpkin Block #1 is medium easy - there are some sections to merge, so remember to leave a 1/4" or more seam allowance around the sections you will join. The foundation block pattern for #1 is here.


Pumpkin #2 Block

This is  Pumpkin #2 block  to paper piece
 - easy to do











Pumpkin Block #2 is an especially easy one to paper piece since I made the eyes, nose and mouth all at right angles. The foundation block is here.


Pumpkin Block #3 - slightly more complex to paper piece

This is  Pumpkin #3 block  to paper piece
 slightly more complex to piece












Pumpkin Block #3 is the most complex as it has more sections to join, but it has a more interesting face, too, and a smile. The foundation pattern for Block #3 is here.

The Black Cat Block below is the most difficult to piece, but if you are new to paper piecing and copy the block out to be at least 10-12 inches you shouldn't have a problem. I designed it so all the pieces are horizontal strips which you join to form the cat. Don't forget to leave a 1/4" or more seam allowance on each side of each strip when you make them so you can sew them together.  The moon is appliquéd in with fusible or sewn in after the block is assembled - just trace around a coin or a small glass. I didn't put it in the block pattern, but you can put it in or not. The block pattern is here for the cat block.

Halloween Cat to paper piece in cross strips

The Black Cat block  to paper piece  in strips

A free pattern
 for a Halloween wall hanging to applique 

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(all in color from EQ4)



Susan Druding,