A Free Retro Shoe Quilt Block to Appliqué

Make this Retro Stacked Sole Shoe block for your shoe quilt

This free appliqué shoe pattern is meant to be done using the fusible web technique of appliqué rather than turning under the edges and hand appliquéing. But, if you like to appliqué by hand - use your favorite technique. 

A larger color version of this with the layout block is on this page.

Feel free to use any raw edge appliqué techniques which you enjoy to make it more casual looking. Some of the bands could be done with ultrasuede for a realistic look.

The free appliqué pattern shown with the templates is meant to be a 9" finished block to the outer edges of the background, but you may want to enlarge the templates to a larger size.  The little box on the drawings is (if you enlarge the templates to make an 9" block) is  meant to be 1" x 2" inches.

Fabric Choices? You may use solid color or pattern fabric. Get wild or tame - but make sure there is contrast between the fabric in different sections in the different areas so the sandal will be distinct.



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This free Retro Stacked Heel Shoe Block was designed and drawn using Electric Quilt

Susan Druding

copyright ©2003 Susan C. Druding