A Free Appliqué Pattern Shoe Quilt Block

A High Heel Shoe with a Bow

This is one of a my shoe series of free appliqué patterns to be used for quilt blocks. This dressy high heel shoe block is meant to be done using the fusible web technique of appliqué rather than turning under the edges and hand appliquéing. But, if you like to appliqué by hand or machine sewing - use your favorite technique. This is an especially easy pattern with simple pieces.

Choose simple fabrics or dress it up with some wild prints. I think it's fun to have lots of pattern going on as I show in the samples.

The block is meant to be an 9" finished block, but you may want to enlarge the templates to a larger size.  The 3" sizing bar on the drawings is (if you enlarge the templates to make an 9" block) meant to be 1 x 3 inches.


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Sample Quilt Tops HERE made with this block.

Sharry's Shoe Quilt photos (given as a wedding gift) is HERE.

This High Heel Bow Shoe Appliqué Block was designed and drawn using ElectricQuilt
© 2002 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD and this web site)

Susan Druding

copyright ©2002 Susan C. Druding