Mary Jane Shoe  template page 1

The horizontal bar should be 3" long if you are making a 9" block. It is NOT part of the shoe, but there to show scale for printing.



Use the same fabric as the shoe body for the "D-buckle top". Use a contrasting buckle fabric for C and put it under the D circle to give the effect of the round buckle.


SEE NEXT PAGE for Template for body of shoe. This is a large template and if you have trouble printing it on one page (try using legal size 14" long paper?) there is a Second Version here that is reduced by 25% extra.

This applique Mary Jane Shoe Block was designed and drawn using Electric Quilt 4.0
2002 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD)

Susan  - Susan Druding,