Four Patch Block


I receive email from new quilters asking advice about what a good first project might be. I thought it would be fun to do an article on the simple Four Patch and show a sampling for the wide variety of quilt tops that can be made from one very simple, typical four patch block shown here. At the end of this article you'll find a group of Web links to sites with good 4-patch patterns and projects.

A four patch block is made, as the name implies, from four sections. The simplest form is a block made of four small squares. The four pieces in the patch can be further subdivided and are often split into triangles. The block I've chosen to use is made of 2 squares and and 4 triangles.

From this very simple block I'll show a few of the  incredible range of sets for quilt tops which will look quite different.

Want to add triangles to your 4 Patch?
Click Here for the article on how to make them quickly and easily.

One way to arrange this four patch is to rotate four of them around the center point to form a star image as shown in this block. If the outer triangles that form the tips of the four points are not matched to the inner portions a smaller pinwheel is formed.

 One possible arrangement of grouping 4 of the basic blocks. (4082 bytes)

Here are three quilt top layouts out of the 14 prepared from the one simple 4-patch block above. Click on each image to see the full sized image in more detail.  


By joining the stars a different pattern is seen.


Click here to see a table of all 14 different quilt top sets all made from the same basic 4-patch block. I've put three quilt top images here, but didn't want to put all 14 on this page to make it slow to download.

By filling the triangles to obscure the stars a twisted vertical can appear.


Connecting the stars 
forms a lattice.

Below is the uncolored version of the quilt top, full size for you to print out and experiment with other colorways. All the above quilt tops were made using this block set. If you print it out and make extra copies you will be able to use colored pencils to experiment with more variations.


Four patch blocks and layouts were prepared with Electric Quilt software
copyright 2000-2005 Susan C. Druding

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