A Free Appliqué Pattern - A Winter Scene

Make a winter snowman scene

This 18" square free appliqué pattern can make a small wall quilt, or be used as a large block in a 4 seasons quilt. This is the third in the series of four (click for: summer - fall - spring blocks). [Note: All the blocks are now available.]

Feel free to use any raw edge appliqué techniques which you enjoy to make this winter scene. Since this is meant to be a decorative block, I recommend using fusible web such as Wonder Under. But if you want to use it in a bed quilt, I'd use raw edge appliqué and machine zig zag around the edges. And if you love to hand appliqué - go at it!

This free appliqué pattern is meant to be an 18" finished block, but you may want to enlarge the templates to a larger size.  The little horizontal bar on the drawing and templates is (if you enlarge the templates to make an 18" block) meant to be 1 x 4" inches.

Fabric Choices? Blue batiks or softly mottled blue fabrics would be nice for the sky with some golden yellows or even pale yellows for the winter sun (or make it a moon, if you prefer). Find a white-on-white print for the snow, or perhaps a white fabric with a bit of silver metallic or small snowflake print for the snow man.  A dark brown textured print is good for the tree bark. Look for some pale green fabrics that could suggest grasses in 2 areas of grass (maybe some with white flecks for partially-melted snow? Using lighter, brighter fabrics for the front grass and deeper green for the back will help the illusion of depth. The little trees you scatter on the hillside can be anything fun - they don't even have to be green. I thought about adding icicles to the tree branches, feel free to do that if you want.

You will be using 3 appliqué template pages HERE: 1  -  2  -  3
The tiny pieces (3 buttons and 2 eyes are the same) can be cut freehand, so can the nose and smile.

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This free appliqué pattern for a Winter Scene was designed and drawn using Electric Quilt 5.0
© 2003 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD and website)

Susan Druding,  Quilting at Equilters.com

copyright ©2003 Susan C. Druding

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