A Shamrock Block

A free quilt block to appliqué

This shamrock block is based on the same appliqué pieces used a few weeks ago to make a heart block. With green fabric colorways and a different arrangement we now have a shamrock. I'm showing it here as a 6 inch block, but make it larger with a copy machine if you wish. It would look fine as a 12" block. You'll cut the background block at 6.5" to have a finished 6" block.

This is an easy block to appliqué - you'll be cutting out 3 each of the 2 sizes of hearts and placing them on a background block. Then cut a curvy strip of fabric to make the stem (I did not give you a template for this piece. It didn't seem necessary.)

See 3 sample quilt tops to give you an idea of layouts HERE.

shamrock quilt block to applique

Here are the 2 heart templates
    to PRINT OUT for shamrock appliqué .

Here is how the block looks in layout

For easy appliqué use fusible web technique, of course you can appliqué by hand if you wish, but then you would add a seam allowance to the pieces to turn under.

Susan Druding

© 2002 copyright  - Susan C. Druding

Blocks and quilt top samples were prepared using Electric Quilt software.

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