A Free Applique Floral Pattern

Small flowers to plant on your quilt

I've been having a lot of fun lately using Electric Quilt 5.0 to make appliqué patterns. As I make new patterns I'll share them here in a series of free appliqué patterns.

Some quilters say they are afraid to try appliqué, they feel it has to be intricate and complicated.

Here is a VERY simple pattern to put flowers on your quilt. It is made of very few pieces. You merely arrange them in different ways and with different fabric choices to show variety from a minimum amount of patterns.

There are only 6 pieces used to make this pattern:

3 flower shapes
2 leaf shapes
1 little circle

You can make a block such as this one:


The above block is 9 x 9 inches.

Or you can scatter the flowers and leaves along a border
of a quilt something like this on this 4.5" wide border:




Click here 
for information about
how to appliqué the flowers
and Here for templates






This Floral Applique Pattern was designed and drawn using Electric Quilt
© 2002 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD and this web site)

Susan Druding

copyright ©2002-2005 Susan C. Druding