A Camera Block
a free applique block pattern
designed by Susan Druding

Here's a camera quilt block to applique. If you have a friend or family member who is a camera or photography buff, you could make a fun wall hanging for a gift with this block. I designed this from some clip art of cameras. It's fun way to use up odd bits of bright fabrics,  stripes look good for the camera body. You can see a little star in the lens above - if you have a fabric with a star on it, you can try this, too. It can be any size - the templates are set up to make an 8" block, but using a copy machine you can adjust the 3 units of templates up or down in size. You could add embroidered embellishments for more fun, too.

I've included a "sizing block" on each of the three templates. If you adjust the copies so that this little block is 1" x 2" you will have the original size.

There are 3 units of templates to print out (link is below on this page). Remember you can mirror image the pieces to have the camera face in opposite directions like this for more variety:


Templates are here for this Camera Block (this link goes to page 1 of 3, follow links to remaining 2)

Layout diagram is here

If you make one of these blocks or a quilt, send me a photo or a scan to show off what fabrics you used.


Susan Druding

This Camera block was designed using Electric Quilt 5


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