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Panda Pearl

Eyelet Cowl

Designed by Gail Tanquary

Description:  This cowl features bands of biased eyelet ribbing alternating with bands of garter stitch.  It has beautiful drape and is very soft - a great neck accessory.

Level: Intermediate (working in the round, eyelets formed by yo's and decreases)

Size:  35" circumference x 8" high


Gauge: 3.5 sts = 1"

Abbreviations:  k- knit; k2tog- knit 2 stithes together to decrease by 1; p- purl; st- stitch; yo- yarn over



Cast on 120 sts.


Rnd 1:  Knit

Rnd 2:  Purl

Rnd 3:  Knit

Rnd 4:  Purl

Rnd 5:  *yo, ssk.*  Repeat between * around.

Rnd 6:  Knit

Rnds 7-10:  Repeat Rnds 5 and 6 twice more.

Rnd 11:  Purl

Rnd 12:  Knit

Rnd 13:  Purl

Rnd 14:  Knit

Rnd 15:  Purl

Rnd 16:  *K2 tog, yo*.  Repeat between * all around.

Rnd 17:  Knit

Rnds 18-25Repeat Rnds 16 and 17 four times more.

Rnds 26-30Repeat Rnds 11-15 once more.

Rnds 31-42Repeat Rnds 5 and 6 six times.

Rnds 43-47Repeat Rnds 11-15 once more.

Rnds 48-63Repeat Rnds 16-30 once more.

Rnds 64-73Repeat Rnds 5-10 once more.

Purl one rnd.


Bind off as follows for a stretchy edge:   K2, slip left needle into front of these 2 sts and K them together (as ssk), *K1, insert left needle into front of 2 sts on right needle and K them together.*  Repeat between * to end of round.   Fasten off.




September 2015

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