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Crystal Palace Yarns - FREE PATTERN - Crochet


Party Ribbon

Fishnet Scarf

Designed by Cathy Campbell

Description:  This lacy scarf is fun to work up in snazzy Party Ribbon.  It features a two-row mesh repeat with optional fringe.

Level:  Easy

Size:  55" x 6" (not including fringe)


Gauge:  2 fishnet holes = 1¾" (Gauge is not critical, as long as you get something close to the gauge above.)

Abbreviations:  ch- chain; rep- repeat;  sc- single crochet; sk- skip, st(s)- stitch(es); tr- treble



Ch 30.

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across, turn.  (29 sc's)

Row 2:  Ch 1, sc into 1st sc, *ch 5, sk 3 sc, sc in next sc; rep from * to end, turn.

Row 3:  Ch 7 (counts as 1st tr and ch 3), sc into first ch-5 arch, *ch 5, sc into next ch-5 arch; rep from * to end, ch 3, tr into last sc, turn.

Row 4:  Ch 1, sc into 1st sc, *ch 5, sc in next ch-5 arch; rep from * to end, sc in 4th ch of ch-7, turn.


Repeat Rows 3 & 4 until piece measures 55", ending with a Row 4.  Work one sc row across.  BO.  Weave in ends.


Dampen and block to measurements. 


Optional Fringe:

When dry, work fringe if desired. Cut 2 pieces of Party Ribbon (~8" each), hold them togetherand fold in half.  Insert the folded loop into the first fishnet hole at one end of the scarf.  Insert fringe ends into loop, making a knot around the first sc row of scarf.  Continue in this way for the other 6 fishnet holes.  Repeat for the other end of scarf.  Trim.
























February 2015

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