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Mochi Plus Doll Sweater and Hat

Mochi Plus Doll Sweater and Hat


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Mochi Plus

18" Doll Sweater and Hat

Designed & Knit by Gail Tanquary of Alameda Yarn Co.

Description:  This 18" doll set will fit dolls such as Madame Alexander, American Girl, etc.  See also a Mochi Plus set for a Poncho & Beret here.

Level: Intermediate



Gauge:  4.5 sts/in St st on larger needles (although gauge is not crucial)

Abbreviations:  beg-beginning; BO- bind off; CO-cast on; cont-continue; inc-increase; PM- place marker;l rep-repeat; rs-right side; sl- slip; St st- stockinette stitch; st(s)-stitch(es); ws-wrong side; yo- yarn over




Using size 6 needles, cast on 41 sts. K 3 rows (ending by working a ws row).
Change to larger needle and beg pattern:
Row 1:  K5, PM, K6, PM, K4, PM, K 11, PM, K4, PM, K6, PM, K2, yo, K2 tog, K1 (buttonhole made).
Row 2: K5, P to last marker, K5.
Row 3: K to 1 st before second marker, *yo, K1, sl marker, K1, yo, K to 1 st before next marker.*
Rep between * 3 times more, K to end.
Row 4: Rep row 2.
Rep rows 3 and 4 - making 3 buttonholes on right front following completion of 5 garter ridges - until there are 21 sts on each front (including garter st band), 24 sts on each sleeve, 31 sts on back (115 sts).
End by working row 4.



K to 2nd marker (without increasing) and place these sts on holder. K across sts of sleeve & place remaining sts on holder.
Work in St st until sleeve measures 1.5" from underarm. Change to smaller needle.
Next row: K, decreasing evenly spaced to 20 sts. K 5 more rows.
BO loosely using tip of larger needle.
With RS facing, attach yarn & work across sts of back & place on holder.
Work across sleeve & place remaining sts on holder.
Work second sleeve to match first.
With RS facing, attach yarn & work across sts of right front. Turn & work across in pattern, joining fronts & back: K5, P to last 5 sts, K5 - 73 sts


Begin Block Pattern:

Row 1: K5, sl marker, *K3, P3* to last 8 sts, K3, sl marker, K5.
Row 2-4: K5, sl marker, P the P sts, K the K sts as they face you to last marker, K5.
Row 5: K5, sl marker, *P3, K3* to last 8 sts, P3, sl marker, K5.
Rows 6-8: K5, sl marker, K the K sts, P the P sts as they face you to marker, K5.
Rows 9-12: Rep rows 1-4
Change to smaller needle & K 6 rows garter st. BO. Attach buttons.



CO 66 sts using smaller needle.
Rows 1-5: *K1, P1* to end.
Change to larger needle & work between the * 's for Rows 1- 8 of Block Pattern.


Begin decreasing:

Row 1: *P3, K1, K2 tog* to end of row.
Row 2 and all wrong-side rows: K the K sts, P the P sts as they face you.
Row 3: *P3, K2 tog*
Row 5: *P2, K2 tog*
Row 7: *P1, K2 tog*
Row 9: *K2 tog* to end.


Fasten off & cut yarn, leaving a 10" tail. Draw tail thru remaining sts and pull up firmly fasten off. Sew seam.

Designed and Knit  by Gail Tanquary for Crystal Palace Yarns
Visit Gail's shop, Alameda Yarn Co., in Alameda, CA if you are in the East Bay area.




revised January 2016