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Inca Clouds Clouds & Fog ScarfInca Clouds Clouds & Fog Scarf

Inca Clouds scarf detail

Inca Clouds Clouds & Fog Scarf


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Inca Clouds

Clouds & Fog Scarf

Adapted from the Cotton Twirl Chevron Scarf pattern by Susan Druding. Knit by Angie Kachelmeier.

Description:  The pattern is a 2-row repeat that features garter stitch and basic increasing and decreasing.  The increases and decreases create the zig-zag chevron pattern.  Inca Clouds is a bulky-gauged bouclé with excellent yardage.  This scarf takes just two balls to make.

Level: Easy (garter stitch, increases, double-decreases)

Size:  ~54" long x 8" wide


Gauge:  4.25 sts=1” over chevron pattern

Abbreviations:  BO- bind off; CO- cast on; k- knit; kfb- knit through the front and back loop to increase by one; p2sso- pass the two slipped stitches over; rep- repeat; RS- right side (outer side of garment); sl 2 tog knitwise- slip two stitches together as if to knit; st(s)- stitch(es); WS- wrong side (inside of garment)



CO 35 sts.  Place removable stitch marker to mark RS of scarf.  (Leave this marker until piece is completed so you know which side is “Row 1”. Otherwise, it is difficult to tell what row you are on because of fluffiness of yarn.)

Row 1 (RS):  K.

Row 2 (WS):  K1, *kfb, k3, sl 2 tog knitwise, k1, p2sso, k3, kfb; rep from * to last st, k1.

Repeat these 2 rows until piece measures just shy of 54”, ending with a RS row.  BO loosely.






July 2015