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Crystal Palace Yarns - FREE PATTERN - Knit

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Allegro DK

Flying Geese Mosaic Scarf  

Designed by Gail Tanquary of Alameda Yarn Co.

Description:   Beautiful slip-stitch mosaic scarf knit in Allegro DK.

Level:  Intermediate

Size: 6" x 60"


  • 2 skein of Crystal Palace Allegro DK (shown in #6094 "Aubergine")
  • 2 skein of Crystal Palace Allegro DK (shown in #6059 "Pea Pod")
  • Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles:  9" Single-pointed in US size 6 and 8, or size needed for gauge
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge:  6 sts=1 inch in mosaic pattern on larger needles

Abbreviations:  K- knit; P- purl; RS- right side (outside of garment); sl- slip; st(s)- stitch(es) WS- wrong side (underside of garment); wyif- with yarn in front


3-Needle Bind-Off:  Place pieces RS together with needles parallel. Using tip of third needle, bind off together by knitting through first stitch on both needles.



Mosaic Knitting uses 2 colors, but only one color is used at a time for two consecutive rows.  The pattern is worked by reading the first row of the chart from right to left, knitting the sts of the working yarn and slipping the stitches of the resting yarn.  The last 3 sts of every row are slipped with yarn in front, thus creating the I-cord edge.


Row 2 is worked not by working from the chart, but by knitting the sts of the working yarn and slipping the other stitches purlwise, with yarn in front.  On the wrong-side rows the last 3 slipped stitches from the right-side row are knitted with the working color.


Using smaller needles and darker color, cast on 41 sts.  Knit 5 rows.   Change to larger needles and lighter color.  Knit 2 rows.   Begin chart:


As an example, the first two rows are worked as follows


Row 1:  Dark color:  K3, sl 1, K1, sl 1, K3, sl 1, (K1, sl 1) 11 times, K3, sl 1, K1, sl 1, sl 3 wyif.

Row 2:   Dark color:  K3, sl all light colored stitches wyif, K all dark-colored sts, ending sl 3 wyif.

Row 3:  Light color:  K4, sl 1, K15, sl 1, K15, sl 1, K1, sl 3 wyif.

Row 4:  K3, K all light colored sts, sl all dark-colored sts wyif, ending sl last 3 sts wyif.


The arrows on the chart indicate 3 slipped sts wyif.  The last 3 sts on all ws rows are also slipped wyif.




Begin pattern, repeating chart 8 times.  End by working a wrong-side row.  Place sts

on a spare needle and set aside.


Knit a second half of the scarf in the same manner.


Place right sides together and work 3-needle bind off.



We are happy to share this pattern with knitters. The pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or knitting guild use. It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission. Shops carrying Crystal Palace Yarns are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns. 

March 2016

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